Online Visa Assessment offering a comprehensive evaluation of profile

Migration to Australia has always been a demanding scenario worldwide. With complex visa processing scenario, the applicants look up for effortless migration procedures that help them accomplish their target with ease.

The blog discusses about the Australia PR visa assessment online service by a reckoned visa service provider that offer eased out and effective migrating platform to the candidates.


                        Online Visa Assessment

The online visa assessment service of Visa Australia Immigration offers the following process to the clients:

  • Submitting the profile online
  • Overview of the profile by the immigration specialists
  • Checking of the eligibility by the visa experts/specialists
  • Suggesting with a suitable visa for the country in accordance with the profile
  • Starting up of the immigration process
  • Offering necessary guidance and support to the candidates in regard to the overall immigration process
  • Successfully migrating to the country

The assessment of profile online of the right type of visa safeguards the application of the candidate from any sort of refusal, promising ling term migration benefits.

About Visa Australia Immigration Information:

Online Visa Assessment

At Visa Australia Immigration, we are a strong workforce of immigration consultants who assist the clients in their immigration process, helping them accomplish their migration desire. We have a strong hold in the domain of immigration to Australia, thereby ensuring the best outcomes with the commitment of 100% client satisfaction.

Our team is composed of immigration lawyers as well as visa experts who guide the applicants throughout the process of visa application, assessing their profile in a comprehensive way.

Interested candidates are required to fill the enquiry form online to talk to our migration experts in regard to this free online service of ours.


Australian Immigration Services- Making Australia immigration simpler

With a robust economy and thriving working opportunities, Australia has become one of the prime destinations to immigrate to, for professionals across the world. But, moving to Australia with a purpose to work or live there is not easy for a professional or skilled worker, as this process involves many daunting legal formalities that need to be tackled wisely. So, if you are a professional and willing to settle down in Australia, it is advisable to avail Australian immigration services from a reputed immigration law firm like Visa Australia Immigration (an enterprise of Immigration Overseas).

Visa Australia Immigration offers a complete range of immigration services to make the journey to Australia hassle free for skilled workers. The MARA (Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority) certified immigration consultants of the firm render services keeping in mind immigration rules and regulations stated by the Australian government so as to maintain transparency and derive optimum results.

Australia Immigration Services

                          Australia Immigration Services

The services rendered by the company as follows:

Online Visa Assessment: This service helps you determine whether you are eligible to apply for any of the Australian economic programs.

Employment Readiness Program: Once you are done with the visa assessment, your resume will be drafted and an Australian recruiter will be contacted under the Employment Readiness Program.

Filing the application:  Then, the consultants of the firm help you file an application through SkillSelect. If your profile is selected and you are invited to apply for the permanent residency visa, they will assist you in collecting required documents so you receive your visa quickly.

Post Landing Services: You are also provided with accommodation in Australia, medical membership and bank facilities under post landing services, to make you feel comfortable in a new country.

For more information or avail services, contact Visa Australia Immigration, immediately.

Tips that guide you through the process of free visa assessment

Process of Free Visa Assessment by Visa Australia Immigration:

Considering the daunting and the legal immigration scenario, the applicants are in the need to avail the services that offer a clear understanding to them of the overall process and help them accomplish their dream easily. In this regard visa assessment is a pivotal way that is constructing a comprehensive platform for the immigrants, allowing them to successfully complete the rigorous process steps involved in the visa application.

Important Points to fill the Free Visa Assessment:

Here are the important points that help you successfully fill the free visa assessment form and get a clear picture of your migration profile:

  • The applicant has to fill the online assessment form by filling the relevant and appropriate details that match their current circumstances.
  • They need to answer all the questions honestly.
  • If the applicant does not qualify for the assessment in the first time, then they have to try it again by investigating the situation thoroughly.
  • The pass mark that will be issued to the applicant will entitle them to move with the process further, applying for the visa for Australia.

All the above tips can prove to be an effective tool on part of the applicants, helping them complete the visa application process with ease.


If the candidates have any questions or queries regarding the process, then they can feel free to contact, Visa Australia Immigration. An enterprise of Immigration Overseas the firm offers comprehensive Australia immigration services that help the applicants secure the right visa type and successfully settle in Australia for the lifetime. Apart from this we will keep you abreast with the changing immigration scenario, offering information to you at every step.

Australia immigration point calculator-An overview

Migrating towards Australia is all about meeting the visa requirements that involve pint based criteria where the applicant needs to secure enough points to get the visa and enter the country. Here in this blog we will discuss about the point based classification that will offer you effective information regarding the Australia permanent residency visa requirements.

According to the migration rules of Australia the points are offered to the candidates on the basis of their age, educational skills, professional experience, command over English language and the skill requirements. Take a look on how the points are allocated:


  • 15 points for Age 40 – 44
  • 25 points for Age 33 – 39
  • 30 points for Age 25 – 32
  • 25 points for Age 18 – 24

Skill requirement

On the basis of the visa types the skill requirements vary in accordance with the skills that are mentioned under SOL. In case of Skilled regional provisional visa the applicant needs to be sponsored by a relative where he/she gets an additional 10 points. In case you are nominated by a state or territory government then you get 5 extra points. In case of skilled independent visa for Australia the applicant does not require any sponsorship.

Language requirements

On the basis of command over English language, the candidates are offered points as mentioned below.

  • Superior 20 points
  • Proficient 10 points
  • Competent 0 points

Looking to avail effective advantages over your Australia visa application or what to know the overall process from the scratch?


About Visa Australia Immigration

Get in touch with Visa Australia Immigration for advice and service assistance. The firm is an enterprise of Immigration Overseas offering commendable Australia visa services to the candidates, helping them get their visa with ease.

Visa Australia Immigration- Simplifying the visa process of subclass 189

The Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa is an immigration program suitable for professionals, who have not been nominated or sponsored by an Australia employer, state or territory or a family member residing in the country. This visa lets a skilled workers live, work and study anywhere in Australia for 5-years, thereafter; he/she can apply for the Australian citizenship. The holder of the permanent residency Australia under subclass 189 has access to healthcare, educational and social benefits provided by the government.

Permanent Residency Australia

Eligibility for application:

  • Must not be more than 50 of age
  • Must submit an Expression of Interest to Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department
  • Must possess a skill as mentioned in the skilled occupation list (SOL)
  • Must score at least 60 Points on the Skilled Migration Points Test
  • Must have an English competency
  • Must meet character and health requirements

Application Process:

  • An applicant needs to get a complete skills assessment test with the relevant government body.
  • Then, the applicant has to lodge an Expression of Interest (EoI) through SkillSelect.
  • If the submitted EoI stands tall on the parameters determined by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, then, the applicant would be issued an Invitation To Apply.

Still have doubts or willing to lodge an EoI? Do not worry, consultants at Visa Australia Immigration, are happy to help you. Interested applicants can get in touch with our consultants through online visa enquiry.

Visa Australia Immigration, is a successful endeavor of Immigration Overseas (a boutique immigration law firm), specializing in high-end immigration services. We are acknowledged for helping skilled workers willing to immigrate to Australia under subclass 189.

How about immigration to Australia under Employer Nomination Scheme

How about immigration to Australia under Employer Nomination Scheme

Australia has always been a popular choice for the majority of migrants globally. The migration rate of the country is swiftly growing, offering long term benefits to people from different parts of the world. One who wishes to immigrate to Australia needs to avail suitable visa in order to enter the country and live there without any restriction.

Here we are discussing about one of the popular immigration programs for Australia- the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS).

This is a permanent residency visa for Australia that allows the skilled the skilled professionals to work there. This visa allows the candidates to migrate under one of the three streams:

  • Temporary Residence Transition stream
  • Direct Entry stream
  • Agreement stream

Permanent Resident for Australia – visa subclass requirements

For becoming the permanent resident for Australia under this visa subclass, the applicants need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The applicant must have a nominated occupation that is approved by an employer in Australia.
  2. Must have age less than 50 years.
  3. Must meet the skill assessment criteria, educational credentials and professional requirements.
  4. Must apply for a visa under the stream for which you were nominated.


For all those who have a desire of migrating towards Australia and settling there permanently, Visa Australia Immigration is there at your service. The firm is an enterprise of Immigration Overseas successfully representing huge clientele to accomplish their migration dream. Our experts strive to offer coveted and efficient services to the applicants, promising successful outcomes.

Those who are interested can simply visit the website and fill the Australian Visa Assessment form online to get a clear picture of your profile in terms of getting the visa.

Immigrate to Australia- What are the advantages?

What are the advantages of Immigration to Australia:

Australia is one of the most popular migration destinations in the world. Here are some of the benefits that the country puts forward for newcomers that make it one of the most popular destinations to migrate and start a new life.

Economy: Australia has developed and an often thriving economy that that offers enviable advantages to those who are living there.

Lifestyle: The country favors a modern lifestyle that offers a great balance between work and leisure.

Employment opportunities: With a thriving economy there is always great demand of skilled professionals to fill the labor market demand in different areas.

Culture: Australia is known for having multicultural society that favors a great balance between various cultures. It is one of the most important factors that attract migrants towards Australia.

Education: The education system of Australia is rated world-class offering a great educational environment to the students to pursue their education.

Medicare: The government of Australia offers great health care and well as Medicare benefits at a public level, enabling the people get long term benefits.


Want professional immigrate to Australia services?

Visa Australia Immigration in this regard has been organizing the migration move of candidates by offering them Australia permanent residency visa and immigration services. An Immigration Overseas enterprise, the firm is a specialist in offering PR Visa services, helping the clients migrate successfully. Our professionals hold extensive experience in handling the immigration matters of candidates from various walks of life, assisting them in an honest and friendly way. From the moment the client reach to our firm till the time they get their visa successfully, Visa Australia Immigration represents them, ensuing 100% satisfaction to them.

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